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Last days in Hoi An, Vietnam – some day and night perspectives

Final days inn Vietnam and Hoi An is always a must do whether by day or night. It is traditional, kitsch, charming and historically interesting and have I mentioned the food?? When you visit during the day you can buy a pack of 5 tickets which lets you into any five of about 20 places of historical interest – houses, temples, shrines and museums and the best thing is the tickets are valid for as long as you like so you can split the five you choose over a number of days or get another set if you want to see more. Here is a link to a couple of very short videos showing a bit more of the coracle boats below and my friend Trudy playing and winning local game. Both quite amusing.

Scenes from Hoi An – day time

And now Hoi An at night when the lanterns and lights makes it extra enjoyable

Next stop Kyoto, Japan


Learning to cook in Hoi An, Vietnam

Did my best to learn to cook Vietnamese dishes on the EcoCoconut tour. First we went to the central Market and bought some of the ingredients and then we went on a short cruise down the river to the cooking school to learn how to cook – rice paper rolls, crispy Danang pancake, papaya and pork salad and beef clay pot. The food at the market turned into the food on our plates are shown below – do I see drooling out there? I learned it is all about the prep and chopping skills and then quick cooking to plate to mouth!

The ladies at the bottom right hand side are tired market workers taking a well deserved break at the end of the day. The person on the bottom left hand side is trying to pretend to be both Vietnamese and a person who can fish for their own dinner – not really very convincing and no I didn’t catch a thing.

Selection of fresh items from the Central Market, Hoi An

And here are the finished results – Ta Da!

It’s all in the chopping to make rice paper spring rolls, papaya salad and crispy pancakes