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Sweden, Gothenburg

A day exploring Gothenburg, Sweden and also a visit to the archipelago islands nearby where many Gothenburgers (?) have their summer homes.

We got on to the little yellow car/bus ferry for a 12 minute ride across to one of the ten islands with unpronounceable names! This one was called Fotö but pronounced very differently.

The car ferry plus scenic archipelago islands near Gothenburg

Loves this bus stop with a fab view.

Best bus stop view ever?

There we visited a traditional Swedish homestead museum (ö means island in Swedish which is why all the islands end in ö – in case anyone is wondering?) which is beautifully preserved inside and out.

Exteriors and local carvings of the Homestead Museum

Carefully preserved interiors in the Swedish homestead museum. All the US visitors couldn’t stop going on about how they could never live anywhere so small.

More blasts from the past in the shape of Hugo, radios and TVs and the old schoolroom

Across the road is the local Lutheran church with hand painted ceilings, a ship icon (very common in these shipping communities) plus some impressive paintings of Heaven (over the altar) and Hell (above the organ at the back) so not much hope for the organist I guess?? It actually was a very “hygge” (they use this expression here too) church.

Church and Graveyard

Inside the Lutheran church and every pew has a little door with different hand painted flowers.

The ship icon plus paintings of Heaven and Hell

Next stop was another island – Honö with a cute marina and the locals enjoying beer and sunshine. They are all obsessed with sunlight here as they get so little of it during the Winter so in summer they are busy getting max vitamin D.

Honö Marina

On the way back into Gothenburg we stopped at a replica of a famous explorer sailing ship that ran aground back in the 1700s.

The Gotheburg

Impressive rigging on the Gotheburg