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Oman, Muscat

I’ve been so relaxed here that I almost forgot to post! Exciting to be in Oman as it is a new country to add to my list and I would like to see more of the interior at some point – desert and mountains. Stayed at the very Zen Chedi Hotel (see pools below which explain how lazy I’ve been).

But I did get out a bit – first to see the dolphins which was fun.

Then a city tour where the highlight was definitely the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Built about twenty years ago it has stunning architecture and beautiful gardens and mosaics. Of course I had to cover my arms, legs, hair and shoulders – and my good old Louis scarf came in very handy – although it is hot in there. Beautiful exteriors.

Then we took a walk inside and got to see an open Quran.

I was also very taken with the mosaics just outside which represent what you would typically see in various Islamic cultures – Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Saudi, Iran and Iraq.

Then a trip to the palace for guests of the sultan and a private museum.

And finally those lovely pools at the Chedi. All those to choose from and the sea!

Now back to Melbourne.