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USA, Xmas in New Orleans, Louisiana with a hint of voodoo

Great to be back in New Orleans after 16 years and of course post Katrina. The city continues to have a certain charm that is unique compared to anywhere else I have visited in the US.

The combination of the architecture in the French Quarter, the mansions in the Garden District, the cemeteries where everyone is buried above ground, the music on every corner, the food and drink (plus the luxury of walking around the city with plastic cup of anything Alcoholic you like in hand) make it a great place to spend a few days and while Xmas was festive it was thankfully not over the top.

Buildings in the French Quarter and the St Charles Street Tram

Mansions in the Garden District

The famous cemeteries – you now need to take a guided tour rather than wander around on your own – too much desecration especially of the voodoo graves!

Music is everywhere and so is Louis Armstrong!

The Riverside Park is great for a stroll to check out the steamship Natchez, sculptures and on to Armstrong Park where the sacred voodoo tree near Congo Square has regular drum beat events to respect their ancestors. The fruit under the trees is a typical offering – no beheaded chickens – that’s just the movies – at least so they say?

And the food here is excellent as are the cocktails and the oysters dishes.