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Another fabulous weather day in the Shetlands. Waking up docked in the port – it was great to see the fishing boats looking very pretty reflected in the water.

Fishing boats at Lerwick dock and views out of the window en route to the ferry

In the morning we took a small ferry over to the island of Mousa (which is above in the distance) to take a 99 minute walk around it and see the broch (a round house over 2000 years old and in very good condition).

The Shetlands were settled by the Danes and they feel more more like places I’ve seen in Scandinavia and Greenland than other parts of Scotland.

Things we saw on the beautiful isle of Mousa

Outside and inside the broch

More Mousa

Sweaters and scarves in the making

After Mousa I spent a couple of hours wandering around Lerwick – lovely people and gorgeous spot. Although I know I could never live somewhere as remote as the Shetlands, I do see why those that do love it here and wouldn’t live anywhere else. Certainly one of my favourite places I’ve visited

Downtown Lerwick

There is an old fortress in the centre of town

Views from Fort Charlotte

And the town hall has a giant hall with a lovely array of stained glass windows depicting characters from Shetland and Danish history.

Lerwick Town Hall

Houses in Lerwick with views to die for

The pilot leads us out of the port as we depart the Shetlands and Scotland

And even though I always swear I will not buy another scarf I had to buy this fair isle knit made with super fine merino. Happy with that purchase and it won’t take up much room!

Farewell to Scotland. Hope to be back again soon.