Vietnam, Hoi An – Mural Village

One of my favourite travel blogs is I was perusing her site when I came across a few places she and her son had recently visited near Hoi An and so I decided to find them for myself. She had a number of ideas and the first one I sought out was the mural village – which is south of Hoi An and is called Tam Kay – xa Tam Thanh. It is about 45 minutes south of Hoi An on the coast and in a joint venture with Korea (not sure why them except that there are a lot of Korean visitors to this part of Vietnam) they decided to turn this village into a Centre for all kinds of murals. It is still virtually unknown – I only saw about 4 other western faces – which makes it even more interesting and it took the taxi driver a while to find it – but luckily al the people in the villages along the way proved very helpful in guiding us there.

The first things they started paining was the underside of the traditional fishing boats

Then they brightened up the actual houses in the village

And finally onto the murals

I love initiatives like this one – makes everyone who sees it smile and I suspect it won’t be so unknown for long

4 thoughts on “Vietnam, Hoi An – Mural Village

  1. mysmallbigworld

    Just been to Hoi An last year but never knew about this place, thanks for sharing! There’s a mural village in Seoul as well which i wrote about before which is the probably why they are doing a JV on this project. 🙂

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  2. wanderlustplusone

    Thank you Susie! I feel honoured to among your favourite blogs, but it makes me even happier to see that you went to the village and enjoyed the paintings. Enjoy the rest of your trip in Vietnam, it is such an amazing country to explore.

    Liked by 1 person


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