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Canada, Tofino, BC – the wild Pacific, temperate rainforest and goats on the roof

The tag line for British Columbia is “BBC” – standing for Beautiful British Columbia. For once this is not a superlative but a truism. I’d forgotten how gorgeous it is and having just spent three days in Tofino – the very west of Vancouver Island which itself is the west of Canada – well suffice to say the sunsets are always fab.

We stayed at Pacific Sands Lodge right on the beach where the temperate rainforest meets the ocean – reminds me a bit of the Margaret River area which may be why I like it so much. Here’s what I can see from my deck.

And here is the rainforest as well as the town of Coombs – and yes those are goats on the roof.

And of course we tasted a few excellent cocktails – as you do – including my favourite “the Caesar” (a Canadian Take on Bloody Mary but with Clamato juice) and a horseradish infused vodka. Yum

Canada, BC, Chemainus

Having a great time staying at my friend Marjory’s beautiful house in Chemainus, BC. I was relaxed the moment I walked through the door.

And yes, we may have the Big Pineapple in Australia but Duncan, BC can certainly compete with its very own “Big Hockey Stick” don’t you think??

Marjory’s place and the big hockey stick

USA, Alaska – After some more scenic cruising – flew on a spectacular 90 minute seaplane journey. 

Cruising in Alaska

Views from our seaplane in Alert Bay BC. Quattoon waterfalls

Yes it is small but a seaplane is a perfect way to view Northern BC

Cruise now over. Looking forward to reunion with my old Hong Kong Bank of Canada mates in Vancouver and next stop is Chemainus and Tofino on Vancouver Island. 

USA and Canada – All things native Alaska and Canada 

Managed to see a lot of native and traditional indigenous art and culture in both Alaska and British Columbia. These totem poles are very old but still great pieces of art and they stand about 20 feet high. 

Totem poles – very old ones

And here are some nightmarish masks to keep away marauders and unwelcome visitors – not to mention providing a few nightmares. 

And below are some much friendlier welcomes from two Mounties on Prince Rupert Island, BC. 

USA, Alaska, Glaciers – who knew ice could be so fascinating and beautiful?

You might think a day cruising around two glaciers (Holgate Glacier and the Kenai Fjords) might be boring but you’d be wrong. It was mesmerising and I never got tired of just staring and staring.

Hope you agree?

Glaciers at Holgate and Kenai Fjords

Braving the Alaskan summer and holding a crystal clear piece of glacier ice

Ice on the Ocean – pretty cool

USA – Small town Alaska – loads of character And so much nicer than the usual cruise ship towns

I can see why people come to Alaska for two years and stay for 20, especially when they go to places like Haines and Wrangell and Sitka – the smaller towns (some with a permpop of 2500) with loads of history (gold, fur, fishing and a slug of Russian ownership too). Maybe not so delightful in the Winter! Try a cruise that takes in some of these smaller places. 

Wrangell, Alaska

Haines, Alaska

Sitka, Alaska

Or you get places like this – too many ships in the sea!