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Australia, Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria

My very last Australian road trip before I leave had me and my regular visitor from Canada Marjory taking a long awaited visit to Wilson’s Prom – at the helpful suggestion of one of my former colleagues Jo S (Thanks). What a gorgeous part of the world and only a couple of hours away – why did I wait so long to visit? Possibly was waiting for someone to drive me there – I have driving myself!

We stayed at lovely Bear Gully Cottages in Walkerville about 30 minutes from the park and relaxed on beaches, hiked a bit (one day was 41 degrees so a smidgen warm but obviously a good time for pesky flys) and got close to some koalas in the wild (and they are not bears in case you were wondering?). Stopped off at some lovely little towns along the way – I particularly liked Loch for the best salted caramel slice ever at Olive’s and Fish Creek because the have a mullet on the top of their tiny hotel. Squeaky beach is not just lovely but the sand really does squeak when you walk on it – sounds like You stepped on a mouse.

I will miss this place:(