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Last days on the ship

Now onto final two sea days on the Seabourn Odyssey- via three stops in Mexico.

Below are snaps of the adult playground known as Cabo San Lucas – all very pretty at a distance  but once in it a bit too touristy for my liking. Highlight was whale watching but like those hummingbirds they are very hard to photograph so you”ll have to take my word I saw a few blows and splashes!

Looking forward to dry land on Jan 6 – LA here I come. 

Views of Cabo San Lucas

Antigua – the old capital of Guatemala. 

We arrived at Puerto Quetzal in Guatemala a couple of days ago – and took off to visit Antigua (not the one in the Caribbean but the old capital city). Like many places in this part of the world it is very colourful and everyone is super friendly – even while trying to sell you their wares. 

Can you see the face in the rock? She is staring towards the volcano below which is smoking. 

A lot of jade comes from this country so a good place to buy some and here is a pic of my “truth teller” of the Izapa tribe. 

And the chap above is the best I’ve been able to manage in terms of cute guys. True – he is a bit skinny for my liking and possibly a little older than I am – but beggars can’t be choosers!

All the best for 2017. 

Costa Rica

Another first visiting Costa Rica. A place I’ve always wanted to see and so far the only one of all the places I’ve visited I would like to go back to for longer – even though the first thing they told us on the bus on the way there was that Costa Rica has a one inch frog whose poison can kill 100 humans! Not sure I really needed to know that?

 I chose the “walk through the clouds” tour which took us through a beautiful tropical rainforest full of humming birds and butterflies and across 4 wobbly bridges high above the forest. Had to admit defeat trying to photograph the hummingbirds (the country has 52 varieties) – they are just too fast but got some butterflies and a feel for the colors in the forest. 

It would have been much nicer if they had not also decided to build a zip line through the forest – shattering the peace too often with yelling idiots – oh dear – it’s offical – I must be turning into a Grumpy Old Woman …

Christmas Day on the Panama Canal

Today’s featured pic was my appetizer on Xmas Day – my favourite:)

Certainly a novel way to spend December 25 – traversing the Panama Canal – which takes about ten hours and involves going through three locks which by the magic of engineering lifted our huge Seabourn Odyssey ship 80 feet upwards in one go on the Gatun Lock  and then a few hours later lowered it again across two more locks. View along the way also interesting and as you will see some ships have barely 6 inches between them and the side of the locks. We had a luxurious 3 feet but still often felt the need to breathe in!Ω


First time to Panama from the Caribbean side but then took bus across the country to Panama City on the Pacific side. Have been there a few times before on business but got to see the old part of town this time around which was fun – despite some occasional rip roaring tropical rain showers – but of course it stays warm so like a pleasant shower. As you can see in the montage photos I had a bit of a thing about the trees and doors!

The Panamanians are very cross about the descriptor “the Panama Papers” as a general catch all for a range of illegal matters impacting many well known people that they feel have nothing to do with their country just because one of the lawyers managing the funds was based here – they are appealing to the press and others to use another name. Not sure if it will work as it seems to have stuck? I seem to remember a few parents doing the same kind of thing in Australia in respect of the use of “ISIS” as a name for the terrorist group as quite a few children have that as their first name – this did lead to more use of just IS – so who knows?

Fascinating fact (well to me at least) is that there is a large Jewish community here and as a result Panama City houses the largest Kosher supermarket outside of Israel – who knew?

Cartagena, Colombia

First stop after 3 days at sea is exciting for me as it is a new country to add to my list getting me a little closer to the magic 100. Colombia makes 83. What did I know about Colombia before I visited? Well only the obvious -drug lords, emeralds and the place where the character Gloria from Modern Family and I think also the actress who plays her (Sophia Vargaras) comes from.
Completed a tour of the old town which is a UNESCO world heritage site which it should be as it mixes every style of architecture known in this part of the world – colonial, creole, and republican – very pretty in a faded kind of way. As usual, a statue of Simon Bolivar is in the central square – he features very heavily in the history of independence around these parts and frankly it seems a bit unfair that he only had one country named after him! But I suppose that’s more than the rest of us can say.

The old and new in Cartagena.


Some images of old town Cartagena


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Life at Sea

First three days of the cruise have been at sea. Blissfully relaxing – lots to do if you want to or alternatively doing nothing but reading, binge watching TV series – I’m alternating between The White Queen and Borgen season 3. Shows and high quality music each evening and sometimes I’m invited to join other hosted tables so good way to meet people for a couple of hours. 

As you can see they do Xmas very well on board – but thankfully minus any children. Perfect. Haven’t seen even one yet! I am still getting my sea legs so walk around like a permanent drunk person – but at least I’m not alone. No nausea so far – take a table each night and working so far. Reading loads – will publish separate blog on what I’ve read as I go. Another advantage of doing very little is that your nail polish lasts a lot longer than normal – bonus points for that:)