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Historical Savannah – a step into the past

What a gorgeous town this is. Right by the River this old colonial town is just perfect for wandering about in. Luckily yesterday was warm enough to do that and after days indoors in museums it made a very pleasant change (back to freezing today but heading to Florida later where I can rely on the weather being sunny:). Savannah was originally made up of 24 squares (22 left) and you can find one at virtually every second cross street. They are quite large and usually surrounded by perfect examples of antebellum houses – many of which have been restored over the years by the “good ladies” of the town – which saved them from being pulled down so good for them. While wandering around I stumbled on a sephardic synagogue (my father’s family are sephardic) – some of the pictures below are from it. Who would have imagined that Savannah has the 3rd oldest sephardic presence in the whole of the USA. They even have a torah that is over 800 years ago sent to them by the primary sephardic synagogue in London – Bevis Marks (co-incidentally an address I once worked at when at HSBC Asset Management). Last time I came here it was all about Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil – the book and the movie – both of which are great by the way but now, 12 years later it is definitely the town of Forest Gump and here he is on my trolley bus.

Forest lives here

 I have put together a montage of pics of the historic district of Savannah to hopefully give you a feel of the charm of the place – and once again everyone is super polite to “Ms Susie”:)

Memories of Savannah, December 2016

Last morning here has been capped off with some famous beignets (really a New Orleans speciality but also eaten a lot here) and in my defense there is also a healthy glass of water in the background. A good friend of mine described them as “little pillows of pleasure” and I can’t do better than that for accuracy!

Beignets at Huey’s in Savannah