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Brazil, Ilhabela…. my 102nd country

For those of you who are eagle eyed – yes I’ve jumped to country 102 as I’d miscounted on my master list (I use the website to keep count). Will keep it up to date from now on.

First stop was the small island of Ilhabela and it was raining! I decided to just scout around the small port side town and check out the haviana shops – I’m determined to buy a pair in Brazil. But now I’ve also discovered their rival Ipanema – so that complicates things:). No purchases yet.

Very little on this island other than natural beauty inland and beaches but the town made for a nice stroll on land.

The cultural centre and church are the main places to visit plus the ultra modern Christ on the cross.

They are fond of mosaics here and you can see the town portrayed in them – spot the mosaic and real church.

And in the cultural centre I stumbled into a room that was full of carnival papier mache figures – spookily real.