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Germany, Nuremberg

Nuremberg is an easy day trip from Munich – 90 minutes each way on the train. Almost 90% of this city was flattened by American bombers at the end of the war so there has been a lot of rebuilding. As you will see they have very much tried to keep the original style in place (some facades were sandbagged to keep them safe during the bombing) but much of the interior were wiped out.

So on the one hand I think this is a pretty picture perfect place (notwithstanding the heavy history it also holds as the place where most of the Nazi rallies took place) but on the other I know it is all a lot newer than it looks – hence a kind of Disneyesque feel to it.

The sculpture at the bottom is called the Ship of Fools and aims to show many of men’s vices – hence it is a somewhat menacing.