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Denmark, Copenhagen

This is a compilation of 3 days in Copenhagen before and after my recent cruise.

My friends Uschi and I did a walking tour – used the company Urban Adventures again – I do like their more offbeat tours.

We started at the statue of King Christian near the orange houses originally intended for the Danish navy. They are still lived in but these days privately given the mavy is now very small. The statue on the right is Hans Christian Anderson – by all accounts a miserable git who got on with no-one -least of all children. Apparently he visited the Dickens family in the UK at one point and they said his weekend stay felt like It was ten times longer and they couldn’t wait to see him go!

Old sailors’ houses and parks in Copenhagen

A walk around the side streets away from the crowds and around the canals shows what a lovely city this is. And I don’t know how they manage to get those wide boats through those narrow bridges -years of practice I suppose.

Walking tour of Copenhagen

On my return trip to Copenhagen the weather was far less inviting so I headed to the Glypothek Museum opposite the Tivoli Gardens which had a Bonnard exhibition going on.

In the ancient arts rooms I saw a creature from the Ishtar Wall (the main wall is in the museum in Berlin that I visited last month).

The Egyptian and Roman rooms. The busts are of Claudius and his horrible wife Agrippina (I loved the tv series I Claudius). The big guy is a barbarian and I’m not sure what the creature on the Ishtar Gate is?

Seems that Bonnard had a bit of a thing about women bathing. I found the legs in the bath well executed but creepy too.

Works of Pierre Bonnard

And one I liked by Berte Morisot (especially for my friend Sylvie.)

On exiting the museum I ran into the annual Pride Parade – the rain wasn’t putting anyone off marching and having a good time.

And on my last day I headed for the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – again recommended by Sylvie. Loved this place which is about 45 minutes outside of Copenhagen and set on the waterfront. For those that know it, Louisiana reminds me of a Danish version of MONA in Tasmania with a bit of Frank Lloyd Wright thrown in. (Emma, if you’re reading the blog this place is right up your street)

Sculptures in the gardens around the Louisiana Museum

I also came across Birgit Jürgenssen- who was a feminist painter before they became fashionable.

Art by Birgit Jürgenssen

There was also an exhibit on the role of new colours. I thought these flags were a great example – they look like they could be flags from countries but there is a disconnect with the colours used which are not what we consider to be “flag colours”. Challenges our mindsets a bit and colourful too.

Flags – but not as we know them

I was particularly keen to see the Pippilotti Rist exhibit – but it turned out to be the same one I saw in Sydney a few years ago which got me hooked on her. But I didn’t mind because it was just as interesting the second time around.

Pippilotti Rist apartment where nothing is quite as it seems. Videos are on sofas and beds and table and chairs.

Pippilotti Rist giant videos of coloured balls

Another repeat for me was the Yayoi Kusama permanent exhibit of a tiny room called Gleaming Lights of the Souls which I saw along with many other similar rooms (only max of 4 inside at a time) in Cleveland last year. But again I’m a big fan so no issues.

Kusama lights things up

In another wing of the museum I found their permanent collection of Giacometti sculptures – perfectly displayed in this modern wing with nature right outside.

So farewell Copenhagen- as usual it’s been a blast. Must stay longer next time.