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Brazil, Armacao dos Búzios and Salvador de Bahia

A stop in the small seaside of town of Armação dos Búzios involved a boat ride on a local schooner with various stops for those who wanted a swim (not me). It was the town that Brigitte Bardot made famous in the 60s when she stayed there with her Brazilian boyfriend to escape the paparazzi in Rio.

It was formal night on the cruise that evening so we all glammed up a bit for a yum meal at the Keller Grill on board. All very tasty as usual.

Next stop, the UNESCO protected and former Brazilian capital of Salvador de Bahia – as we head north on the Brazilian coast it becomes more humid and there is also more African influence in the cities with a touch of Christianity and voodoo. It is a place that everyone told us was quite dangerous but we had a good time wandering about having first ridden up the elevator to get to the upper old town and of course there were loads of tourist police about so that helped:).

The colonial houses are wonderful pastel colours and we got a sunny day rather than the predicted rain so that made me happy.