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Canada Day – 150 years old, Vancouver

Perfect weather and a lovely day mingling with the laid back Canadians as they mostly wore red and ambled around in their lovely low key way enjoying their country’s big birthday. And yes that maple leaf is made of doughnuts!

Downtown Vancouver on 2017 Canada Day including the 2010 Winter Olympics flame site

Living in Vancouver often means glass exerior high rises by the water but as you can see the houseboat trend is taking off too. The sculptures on English Bay are new since my time and are lots of giant sized roly poly happy people. Love it.

Canada – Where Am I now? Back to one of my favourite places I’ve lived and worked in – Vancouver

So thrilling to be back in Vancouver. As I came in to land the view was as stunning as I remember it from when I first came here in 1995 and stayed until 1998. Sun is out and to cap it all – July 1 is Canada’s 150th birthday so I think it is going to be a fun day – more to come.

Staying with one of my besties Karen and we started off the visit with drinks on her rooftop and a lovely West coast sunset.

Coming in to land in Vancouver and sunset on Karen’s roof

Day 1 – off to Granville Island. This is a wonderful spot in downtown Vancouver that is part food market with restaurants, part theatres and live music and part shopping and just a lovely place to hang out and eat your way around. Unfortunately the yacht in the picture is not mine but the apartment block you can see behind it nestled under the bridge is where I lived back in the 90’s and I used to get the tiny Aquabus over from my place to Granville island – 3 minute trip!

Enjoying the view from Granville Island and with my mate Karen on her roof