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Back in Melbourne and being a tourist

My friend Marjory is visiting from Vancouver Island and yesterday we spent the day at the NGV- the reason we spent the day was three fantastic exhibits – Viktor and Rolf (fashion and art rolled into one), Bulgari (some pretty fancy jewels) and David Hockney – now using his ipad to produce a new range of bright and colorful work. I think the pics speak for themselves but if you live here – get yourself over there and see why Melbourne is definitely the cultural capital of Australia and possibly the Southern Hemisphere?

Viktor and Rolf’s slightly creepy dolls used to exhibit some of their designs.

Is it a painting or is it a coat or can it be both?

A selection of creations. The cut out red dress came out during the Financial crisis and represents the the need to “cut back”; the flower bomb dress makes a reality of a “straw hat” and I would like the “no” coat!

Tomorrow I will show the Bulgari and Hockney – all too much excitement for one post!