About me

Career girl who has been lucky to live and work in 6 countries fulfilling my love of new places and cultures, seeing the real benefits of diverse thinking and inclusion while earning a living at the same time. Proud to support and advocate for gender equality. Now taking a few months hard earned rest to decide what comes next and to help me along with that I will be travelling all over the place.This blog is my way of recording what I’m seeing, thinking and doing (and probably also eating!). Twitter@susiebabani. Linked-In Power Profile.

6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Alison

    Susie, just caught up on your adventures – very entertaining and so glad you are finding lots of inspiration and enjoyment in the our part of the world!

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  2. Betsy Feuerstein

    Loved hearing of your adventures and even getting a small glimpse of you as well. Miss talking with you. Keep me abreast of your travels. Hope this is where I sign up

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  3. David Sutton

    Hi Susie – Just found this courtesy of LinkedIn. I’m very glad to see you are not lowering your standards! You’re looking great, and I have enjoyed reading your musings. Let me know if you pass through London and have time to meet up! Best wishes


    1. whatsusiebdidnext Post author

      Hi David – Lovely to hear from you. Am actually in London this week but a whirlwind of picking up keys of my new apartment – might live in it or rent it out – and a few initial meetings with people who might be helpful in finding me work when I decide to do that again! Definitely taking the year off to travel and sell my Melbourne place. Trying to not become resident in the UK this tax year so floating around elsewhere makes sense. Am hoping eventually to do interim management – work hard for periods of time and then take time off – would suit how I like to work. I am keen on the Middle East if poss as it is a region I like but have never worked in. We shall see. So I will be back one way or another for some period of time – long or short? I will keep you informed and when I have more free time would love to buy you a pint or two. Hope all is well with the family and glad you have enjoyed my musings – more to come:) Susie


  4. Ursel Dougherty

    Hi Susie,
    Just went through most of your blog and especially the section on your Cleveland visit. This is a wonderful way of recording where you have been and share it with your friends! I hope Cleveland will be one of your destinations again sooner rather than later!!! Uschi

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