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Australia, Melbourne and Hobart

Great to be back in my own bed after a few weeks away. Also fab to have my old school friend Lorna over from the U.K. As not only is it good to see her but I get a chance to be a tourist again. Over the last few days we visited the Shrine of Remembrance (I’m ashamed to say it is the first time I’ve been inside and it is very good), a long walk to all corners of the Botanical Gardens and another quick trip to Hobart that included Port Arthur, MONA (always visit there), Salamanca Market and two excellent restaurants – Franklin and FICO?

The lovely Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. Wonderful to have all this right on the city doorstep.
Sights around Hobart, Port Arthur and MONA

Oman, Muscat

I’ve been so relaxed here that I almost forgot to post! Exciting to be in Oman as it is a new country to add to my list and I would like to see more of the interior at some point – desert and mountains. Stayed at the very Zen Chedi Hotel (see pools below which explain how lazy I’ve been).

But I did get out a bit – first to see the dolphins which was fun.

Then a city tour where the highlight was definitely the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Built about twenty years ago it has stunning architecture and beautiful gardens and mosaics. Of course I had to cover my arms, legs, hair and shoulders – and my good old Louis scarf came in very handy – although it is hot in there. Beautiful exteriors.

Then we took a walk inside and got to see an open Quran.

I was also very taken with the mosaics just outside which represent what you would typically see in various Islamic cultures – Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Saudi, Iran and Iraq.

Then a trip to the palace for guests of the sultan and a private museum.

And finally those lovely pools at the Chedi. All those to choose from and the sea!

Now back to Melbourne.