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Canary Islands, La Palma

This is my first visit to a Canary Island and I’d been told it is one of (if not the) prettiest. I was a little sceptical but my expectations were exceeded. I had a lovely day here.

Up for an early start I realised I was now in the Northern hemisphere Spring rather than the Brazilian rain forest or the Caribbean but by 9.30am it was lovely and warm – so what they say about the climate here is true. Very temperate all year round.

My first sight of land this morning.

First stop was Parque Nacional de la Caldera de Taburiente – a national park of great beauty up a windy road – that takes you to one of the highest points of this volcanic island in the east. Stunning scenery and a chance to walk after a lot of laziness during the Atlantic crossing. Last eruption was in 1971 but it’s still active. The north of this island is about 1.5 million years old but the south is just 500,000 years due to it only coming into existence following more recent (relatively!) eruptions.

Then we headed back towards the east and stopped at a small farm where they gave us some local jams and hot sauces to try plus the local wine (not bad at all). That amazing tree is a dragon tree.

Then we had a quick visit to the Church of the Virgin of the Snow which is their most famous church here.

And a scenic drive back into the capital – Santa Cruz de la Palma

Not only were the scenic parts of La Palma lovely so was the small town of Santa Cruz which runs one street in from the waterfront. The buildings along the sea have old balconies that are carefully looked after and a brand new man made beach for the local and visitors to enjoy.

And the main road in town – O’Daly Street was an enjoyable place for a wander and some shopping and why are there two doors to number 12? The ship below is a life size replica of Christopher Columbus’ ship that he sails to America on – think I will stick with Seabourn.

Really liked it here. Want to come back. Maybe December. Will wait to decide and check out the others over next few days.