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Uruguay, Montevideo – my 100th country.

Delighted to have started my lengthy cruise with Seabourn Quest that departed from Buenos Aires. First stop was Montevideo, capital of Uruguay and my 100th country visited. So now I am targeting 120!

Montevideo is less enticing than some other places I’ve visited in South America. It is clean and organised and relatively safe but lacks somewhat in character.

The main plaza has some interesting old and new architecture and of course a statue (they like them a lot in South America). This one is Artigas the founding father of Uruguay which is a country that should not really exist historically – it should either be Argentina or Brazil – but when everyone else in South America was agreeing to be subsumed under either Spain or Portugal this little area refused and hence became their own independent country.

Below is the ox cart and bullocks sculpture which I did love – it is a beautiful giant piece of art.

A whacky place to visit is the Alchemist’s House which sits amongst the modern condos in a swanky area of Montevideo. This owner believed in transmutation and so the house has many symbols reflecting this as well as odd shaped rooms and numerous staircases that go to nowhere.

The owner donated it to the local government (but they abandoned after he died for 30 years) on the proviso that when he returned after his death it would be given back to him! He was very confident but so far it is still government owned!

Finally a bit of tango dancing to end the day – I just watched.

And then a drink with Lucinda – one of my fellow travelers.