Australia, Melbourne – nomadic life a bit challenged!

Well it all started to well – arriving back in Melbourne 14 months since my last visit with Marjory and renting an apartment in South Yarra. There were restaurants, there was gin, there was city, there was countryside, there was theatre and of course there were old friends and new friends.

12th Night in the Botanical Gardens
Food glorious Food at Chin Chin
Cocktails with Marjory
Having fun with mates
Great times in the countryside and the city
More gin and plants for Marjory to paint

So I managed to eat at Cumulus, Chin Chin, Supernormal, Cuccineta, Maha, Botanical, Misschu, Sake, France Soir and at friends’ houses. We saw Twelfth Night, Billy Elliott, Harry Potter and a play at the MTC.

And then the cancellation notices started coming in – no Robbie Williams (still recovering from that one), no Food and Wine Festival Events, No movies, no more theatre, No NGV. Closely followed by notifications that visiting Sri Lanka (my next port of Call was no longer possible) and toilet paper wars and instructions from just about everywhere to “go home” and stay home. “Social distancing” has become the new buzz phrase.

So Marjory will cut short her visit in a couple of days to head back to Canada – that was meant to be my next stop after Sri Lanka but looks like I will no longer be allowed in there!

So my plans have had to be changed on the hoof. Road trip to NSW and Queensland cancelled, Sri Lanka cancelled – and given I don’t have a home, I will stay in Melbourne for at least another month and “wait and see”. There are certainly worse places to be “stuck” that’s for sure.

I won’t run out of things to do – books, Netflix and online courses (I’ve just enrolled in one about the pyramids of Giza (mights as well dream of travel if I can’t actually do it! And thanks Felicity for introducing me to all those free programs online).

9 thoughts on “Australia, Melbourne – nomadic life a bit challenged!

  1. barbarawinter9299

    Thank goodness you are ‘stuck’ in Melbourne – as you say, it could have been worse. We’re thinking exactly the same about NZ! I’d suggest you come here but as you’d be forced to self-isolate for 14 days, there seems little point. Keep clean, keep sane and above all, keep safe! xx

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  2. Ursel Dougherty

    So sorry for the disruptions in your travel plans, I guess we are all experiencing a new normal and wonder what will come after! Stay safe and healthyxxxooo Uschi

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  3. Betsy feuerstein

    Stay safe. I know there would be a million places for you to hold out but they won’t even let you in the US at this point it’s all we all can do is wait. China is starting to open up again so hopefully if we all self quarantine it will go away. Betsy

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