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What would you like from me?

Thanks to all who have been following my travel blog so far. It’s a great way for me to keep track of where I’ve been and of course to share this with you. 

So I will be heading off again later this week and starting to post shortly thereafter. I want to make sure that I share things you are interested in as well as the things I’m interested in. So this is a request for your input on what you would like me to include in my posts. Could be where to eat, stay or experiences or anything really – up to you. I will try and respond to your feedback, noting I do want to keep the posts short and snappy – as I know you are all busy people.

I certainly got lots of ideas on books to read when I asked for them so am hoping for the same on this topic. Look forward to hearing from you.

And before I leave Melbourne here are two very different pieces of art I saw recently. On the left, a giant piece of street art I saw recently in Melbourne – and to princesses everywhere, don’t we all feel like this sometimes(?) and on the right a sculpture of the Moir Sisters by Linda Marrinon that I saw at the MCA in Sydney which I just fell in love with.

More Melbourne time with my mates

As promised the Hockney and Bulgari sections of my epic three hour visit to the NGV and enjoying the sunshine with my mates – so nice to finally have some time to enjoy their company:)

Bulgari glitters. If it’s good enough for Elizabeth Taylor, it’s good enough for me.

Hockney and his iPad has enabled him to churn out thousands of great paintings. Maybe I should give it a try?


In both cases below it was the boys who took the selfies. I thought I should point that out in case anyone noticed the drop in photographic standards?

With Marjory and Jeremy at the tennis: With Susanna and Alistair and wine.

Day 3 – the great packing challenge

img_1607Can I get all this into one suitcase and will 6 (thanks for the guidance Tania) pairs of shoes keep me going over 6 weeks? The range of temperatures of places I’m visiting is -1 to plus 31 degrees – good thing I have lived in Melbourne for so long and understand the beauty of layering. And in case you were wondering the Teddy Bear is reviewing the process but is staying behind – honest!

Day 1

This is my first go at setting up a blog to share my observations on life after work, my forthcoming travels and anything else that I think is worth sharing.

On my first day after 9 years at ANZ I of course had to clear out my closet – as a colleague pointed out “Type A” personality or what? The photo shows the before and after. So nice to move away from “Melbourne black” for a while. Still keep waking up at 6am though with or without an alarm clock.