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Somewhere on the way to Hokitika?

En route between Resurgence Lodge north of Nelson to Hokitika we stumbled on a small Sunday market where we found a man with a ten gallon hat, a no drones sign and rock formations known as the “Pancakes” – for obvious reasons. 

Ten gallon hat man and the Pancake rock formations


Hokitika – can you say it properly?

Second time visit to Hokitika ( we keep trying to pronounce the right way to say this word but even the New Zealander’s are not consistent. “Hoe Ke ticker” is my best phonetic attempt but happy to be corrected again!

View from my bedroom in Hokitika at Rimu Lodge

I am clearly enjoying NZ cuisine too much – here is a before an after of a chair I sat in!

I only sat on it for a minute…..