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Brazil, Petrópolis

I decided to spend my first day in Rio de Janeiro outside of the city visiting the country town of Petrópolis about 90 minutes drive from Rio high up in the hills. It is where the former Portuguese royalty had its summer palace which is now a museum (I’ve become a bit obsessed with Portuguese royalty of the 1700s to 1800s!!)

First the drive out of the city- past favellas on the hillside and many by the road. But also into the much prettier countryside and up a very steep hill towards Petrópolis.

We stopped at a former casino that only lasted four years in the glamorous 40s but was then abolished due to the strong Catholicism of the First Lady of the time. It is now a hotel and convention centre on a man made lake is the shape of Brazil!

The town does of course have a cathedral and the tombs of some of the former royalty plus some excellent stained glass windows.

Then on to my first churrascaria in Brazil. There is no point being a vegetarian in this part of the world. Delicious and it keeps on coming unless you beg them to stop! Beef, chicken, lamb,sausages, chicken hearts and on and on…..

The museum in the former palace was very interesting but no photos allowed inside so exterior below plus one of their carriages and a little local wildlife!