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Australia, Melbourne and Hobart

Great to be back in my own bed after a few weeks away. Also fab to have my old school friend Lorna over from the U.K. As not only is it good to see her but I get a chance to be a tourist again. Over the last few days we visited the Shrine of Remembrance (I’m ashamed to say it is the first time I’ve been inside and it is very good), a long walk to all corners of the Botanical Gardens and another quick trip to Hobart that included Port Arthur, MONA (always visit there), Salamanca Market and two excellent restaurants – Franklin and FICO?

The lovely Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. Wonderful to have all this right on the city doorstep.
Sights around Hobart, Port Arthur and MONA

Tasmania – Final Stop Hobart and MONA – chickens, challengidefinitions of art and finally proof that LV is more than just a handbag….just ask Yanoi Kusama.

Two days in Hobart where we indulged in seafood and lost 4 hours in MONA. This is my 3rd visit and it was once again right out there. The current 6 month temporary exhibit of the Origins of Art involves four seemingly small entrances into a black void which then all fan out into huge areas with different perspectives on where and why art exists. Loved it – it’s on until April so if you get a chance it’s worth it. I would do it again – as so much to learn with the really cool interactive iphone everyone gets.

Some samples below. I am still not sure if the lady on the chairs was for real or art – hard to say but I loved the overall effect either way. The dog photographer is in downtown Hobart – for all my dog loving friends – and yes they have chickens (or maybe that is a rooster?) – real not artistic ones – at MONA too.

MONA and Hobart Art and Chickens

I was excited that one of the magic doors took my through to a Kusama exhibit of dots – I am a big fan of hers and yes she did a collaboration with LV a few years ago as you can see. I will be aiming to see more of her work in Japan later this year – watch this space.

Final stop was the enchanting Retro Fudge Store in Hobart – below are the interiors. I would have shown you the fudge too but I ate it!

The Retro Fudge Shop in Hobart

Wineglass Bay and Friendly Beaches. Does Tasmania have the best beaches in Australia?

Well in my time in Australia I’ve seen a lot of fab beaches but I personally think it is hard to beat some of the ones I’ve seen in the last week in Tasmania. First we hiked up to see Wineglass Bay – well worth the many many stairs and then we stumbled onto the Friendly beaches as we were leaving Coles Bay -how beautiful are these – not just beach but waves and rocks too – and gain, no people and no children – yay! Definitely recommend the East Coast of Tasmania.

The walk up to see Wineglass Bay with views along the way and a very large boulder

Tasmania – Wallabies, Coles Bay and Food

Stayed at a fantastic location called Edge of the Bay in Coles Bay – pics below are of the view from my room and the beach right on our doorstep. Fantastic spot – and no people just a lot of wallabies.

Edge of the Bay is a beautifully located hotel on Coles Bay

Some very pretty appetizers

And the food continues to be delish too…..

Tasmania – Cradle Mountain.  I finally wore my hiking boots and visited Wombat Poos.

My second visit to Cradle Mountain Lodge – and they remembered! Not because I was partying all night last time I visited but more likely due to their well organised database. Anyway, it landed me a bottle of sparkling cuvée, some chocolates and cheese and biscuits. Goodness knows what they will do if I go back again – which I might do as they do the lodge thing really well.

Rain and shine as usual – walked in both. Loved the beautiful King Billy pines and magical forest they create and also we stomped through pouring rain in Cradle Mountain national Park including my “good idea” to climb up to Wombat Poos (or Pools – we were never quite certain as there was a lot of both). It was a long long long way up and all steps – next time I will just buy a postcard – less huff and puff required – but of course in retrospect the walk didn’t seem so hard.

Walking through the King Billy Pines

Cradle Mountain Park where the rivers are made of gold and it rains a lot – but still lovely. Marjory practices her wilderness embrace.