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Morocco, Casablanca – Hassan Mosque II

The main thing to see in Casablanca before heading elsewhere is the Hassan II Mosque. Completed in 1993. It’s the 3rd largest in the world after Mecca and Medina and houses 25000 people inside and another 80000 outside so it is indeed pretty big! Also unusual in that non Muslims are allowed to visit – so we did, both outside and inside – very impressive. On the other hand it cost USD800,000 million to build some of which arguably could have been spent on more pressing needs for the Moroccan people. 

Hassan II Mosque exterior

Hassan II Mosque interior

Morocco, Casablanca – “as time goes by”??

Landed in Casablanca with Tania. Sadly no sign of Rick or Elsa or Sam “playing it again” – I now know this film was wholly made in Hollywood. Still we did stay in a charming Art Deco hotel in a quiet backstreet with a rooftop terrace and enjoyed dinner looking back at mosque Hassan II which we are going to visit this morning. 

Hassan II Mosque at dusk and night

Hotel Le Doge and the streets of Casablanca