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Bulgaria – Veliko Tărnovo, The Thracian Rose Fields and Varna

For our last few days in Bulgaria we drove from Plovdiv through the Thracian Rose fields. Turns out it was the first day of the annual rose festival held nearby the town of Kazanlak. So the roses were in full bloom and being picked. We stopped by the roadside to watch the pickers and take a walk through the Damascena rose files – wonderful aromas. You’d think a bag of rose petals would be light as a feather – you’d be wrong! Really heavy.

It’s hard work picking roses.

Gorgeous scenery around the rose fields. And no I am not picking them just adjusting my camera!

In Kazanlak it was everything rose – the Rose Museum (where I practised my skills using portrait on my iphone) and stalls selling all sorts of rose things – headbands, beauty products, drinks etc etc

Some of the lovely roses on display at the Rose Museum

Grumpy man and roses!

We then headed uphill to the old capital of Veliko Tărnovo (thanks Sue for telling me to visit there). Although the weather was a little grey it was a cute little hotel with stunning views and the old town is picture perfect – lots of young artists around trying to capture all the colours.

The view from my bedroom window – early morning and then later when the mist had cleared

Looking back at Veliko Tărnovo from the monument – our hotel was somewhere in there

The Asenevtsi monument at Veliko Tărnovo with the sword as the symbols of power and prseperity

Last stop was the seaside resort of Varna on the Black Sea – a sea I have not visited before. As it is almost totally landlocked it is very calm and the beach was huge and at least at the start of June – not that busy – but I expect that will change in the height of the summer months. The town has another impressive orthodox cathedral (close to where we stayed) and the main street leads down to the beach and is a mix of crumbling buildings and some that are beautifully restored. A nice place to relax – which we did.

The people you can see all stood totally still for a minute when sirens rang out across Bulgaria on June 2 to commemorate the liberation of the country. It was eery – like pressing pause on a movie but for real.

The Main Street in Varna.

The Varna Cathedral

The Opera house and road leading towards the beach

Jo enjoys getting her feet wet in the Black Sea as the sun dips and it is once again time for a gin and tonic

And in case you are wondering – yes we did eat lots of local dishes in Bulgaria – food only blog to follow:)