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Czech Republic, Prague – Charles Bridge, St Vitus and Chimney Cakes

I think the trick in Prague is to avoid weekends and get up early for an (almost) tourist free spectacle. Proof below with the walk along and over Charles Bridge at 8.45am

Not only lovely buildings but some pretty grumpy statues – but I guess anyone would be having to hold up buildings and Jo finally gets her Chimney Cake filled with whipped cream and apples. Have you ever seen such a joyful face?!?! By the way, the one without a face is the Frank Kafka statue.

Then a visit to St Vitus Cathedral (the patron saint of dancers, entertainers, epilepsy and oversleeping! Both the exterior and interiors are spectacular.

Interiors of St Vitus Cathedral

Czech Republic, Prague – a visit to Cesky Krumlov and knuckle of pork!

A brief sojourn from Lisbon has taken me the the Czech Republic with my mate Jo. We spent the first day on a day trip to the lovely town and castle of Cesky Krumlov. It was quite a drive but worth it to walk around the castle grounds and the castle (which was owned by three families who kept dying out due to a lot of intermarrying)! The town is charming too and the weather did all the right things. Southern Bohemia at its best.

And when we got back to Prague we ended the day with knuckle of port – and scoffed the lot