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New Caledonia Noumea and Iles de Pines and Observation of the day on how I like to travel

Have just enjoyed a few days chilling in New Caledonia – exciting for me as it adds a new country to my list of those visited now bringing me to 86.

The photos show views on approach to the island from the plane and then some beach and pool scenes. The place is a classic idyllic Pacific island (except of course a bit different from most as everyone speaks French) and the water is clean and clear.

Coming in to land at Noumea

Beaches and pools – chill time


The more I travel the more I understand  the importance of balance in travel.  I now find too much time at the beach doing nothing much somewhat tedious whose main benefit is the opportunity to read more books (this is a good thing). So I think when planning a trip it needs to be like a good martini, carefully divided in parts that are all essential but should not be messed with. I like 3 parts activity to one part chill. The activity ideally is cities or towns of interest with lots of variety and options and places where I can walk and walk (preferably lacking hills!)  – art, food, scenery, and opportunities to learn about local culture and history but with plenty of places to sit for an hour with a coffee, a book and the chance to do some people watching; interspersed with one part chill time but I think three days is enough for that before I get restless. 

Similarly, to travel alone or with others? I think this would be a 50:50 mix for me. I love to spend time with my friends traveling (as long as they are self sufficient- and you all are!) and we can do our own thing on occasion depending on preference but then as a minimum I also  love to meet up for drinks and dinner at the end of the day; equally I am fine with my own company but definitely not in the “middle of nowhere”, rather I love to be on my own around strangers – cafes, art museums, on a train, on a day trip – I enjoy chatting to people I will probably never see again just to share a slice of someone else’s world for a short time. 

Short break now back in Melbourne and then next stop is Morocco – with my self sufficient pal, Tania.