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Italy, Ravello

If you had to imagine what a village perched on a hillside above the Amalfi coast should look like this place would pretty much fit the bill. It is charming and most of the day not overrun with tourists. I loved it and every direction you turn you get views like these. Easy to become blasè about them – but actually I didn’t. I was just in a permanent “wow” state.

There two beautiful villas to visit when in Ravello. One is Villa Cimbrione which is at the top of the hill and has amazing views of the Amalfi coastline.

The other is Villa Rufolo famous for its

Music connections (Wagner lived there for a while and they have concerts and multi media art on the buildings four evenings a week) – really special. And it gave us a good view back of our hotel (bottom left.)

Time to say good he to my pal Sue who joined me from the UK for the Positano and Ravello jaunts.

Ice cream flavour – cheesecake.

Next stop Firenze.