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Bermuda – friends, sea, sand and rum cocktails – and 99th country visited!

Always exciting to visit a new country and even better when you are getting together with old friends – Marjory from Vancouver Island and our hosts Beth and John who I last say 7 years ago.

Bermuda is a charming place to visit – although pricey since everything is imported. First day was a Sunday so the lovely Coral Beach was a must – and it has been ages since I’ve had a beachy lazy day. The weather and sea colours were glorious

Then a visit to St Georges – on another side of the island (which is about 21 square miles). It was the old capital so lots of nice buildings and churches. Also a chance to view some of the pastel coloured houses that are all over the island.

A glass bottom boat tour is a must – we ended up on a huge boat with just six of us – it is the end of the season although the weather was still warm. Shipwrecks and feeding fish were fun – apparently there are a lot of shipwrecks around Bermuda (that triangle had a lot to answer for)

Time in the capital Hamilton enabled us to visit the Hamilton Princess Hotel which has a superb collection of contemporary art – and a chance to see a Kusama pumpkin in a neutral colour.

And then to the Arts Centre which had a Sheridan Fairley exhibit – I have seen some of his street art around the world (Obey campaign) so was thrilled to see this and a very good video with him discussing his art.

And all good vacations include wonderful friends and good food and drinks by the sea – this was no exception. Thanks to Beth John and Marjory for making it extra special.

USA, Cleveland

First time back in Cleveland for about 15 years staying with my lovely friends Terry and Brooks who I met on my cruise through the Panama Canal a couple of years ago. They were the perfect hosts and I loved being back at the I M Pei designed Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – we did about 3.5 hours there but it could easily have been six. Fantastic building and brilliant exhibits. I even got to connect with my beloved David Cassidy – RIP:(. Then we headed to the Science Museum to watch two IMAX movies.

Next day I was once again able to see experience the work of Yayoi Kusama – those who read my blogs regularly will know I am a great fan and always see her work whenever it is available wherever I go. This time if was at the beautiful Cleveland Museum of Art and involved 9 Infinity rooms – amazing as ever and what a treat to catch up with this exhibit which ends here in a week. And I got to catch up with Uschi – another Cleveland resident that I met on the last cruise – Uschi.

USA, Washington DC – monuments and museums

Ages since I was last in DC and it remains a wonderful place of larger than life monuments, parks and museums – all are some of my favourite things and most of them are free too. Just wandering about and snapping pics of buildings that are iconic and seen in so many movies as well as newspapers and tv is great fun.

I also did a great evening tour with DC Urban Adventures which enabled me to see all the monuments at night – a whole new experience and well worth it.

I have visited a load of museums while here and there are still so many I have yet to visit so might come back later in the year. On Day one I visited the Hirshorn, Sackler and Freer art museums and was delighted to see art named after me and of course as usual thrilled to see anything by Yayoi Kusama – so of course I loved the massive pumpkin on the lawn as well as the superb Bowie photo.

And the magnolias in front of the Smithsonian castle were in full bloom too.

Australia, Melbourne

How lucky am I to live in Melbourne. Visited the NGV triennial for the second time yesterday and saw a few things I missed the first time. It’s all free so I’m sure I’ll be back again. But in the meantime here are some of my favourite exhibits from the artists from all round the world who have contributed. Don’t miss it – you”ll have to wait another three years for the next one.

Tokyo, Japan – Kusama and cherry blossoms and a travel tip of the day

Now in Tokyo and as this is my 3rd leisure visit here I’m going to be focusing on two priorities while I’m here for four days – art and cherry blossoms – and food of course but you’d be expecting that. I’m staying at the Grand Hyatt Roppongi Hills – which is a new location for me and easily accessible by subway to the things I want to see. It is also on top of a very large shopping centre so I’m happy;)
For those who’ve been following this blog for a while you may recall my excitement when visiting MONA in Hobart to find a Yayoi Kusama exhibit. She is a wonderful Japanese artist who is especially famous for her love of polka dots and she is still going strong at 87. So I was especially thrilled to see that there was a large exhibit of her new works entitled My Eternal Soul at the National Art Centre in Tokyo very close to my hotel. Hope you enjoy this selection of her work as much as I loved my visit. It’s the first time I’ve seen so much of her work in one place and I was very excited about that.

Polka dots everywhere. Yayoi Kusama wows in her mega room of new works

Polka dots in all Kusama playful sculptures- you can’t help but smile

A few samples of the dozens of paintings exhibited. I want one!

and here is my haul of Kusama goodies to take home. Hand Towel (check), Tea Towel (check), iPhone cover (check), plastic zip folder (check), key ring (check)

My very own collection of Kusama memorabilia

TIP OF THE DAY – by far the easiest way to travel around Tokyo is by subway – it is fast, efficient and clean – and of course everything is on time. Wherever you get on just find the large subway map above the ticket machines, find the stop you are heading to and the price of the fare will be labeled on the map. Then , select your fare, throw in your money and out pops the correct ticket. An app I am very fond of for large cities is Citymapper as you just have to input the name of a place you want to visit or an address if you know it and it will immediately provide you with a variety of public transport options and how long it will take you to get to your venue. (Walking and driving options too but public transport is the one I think is most useful). I use it a lot in London and NYC too where they cover tube, rail and buses and it is now available for Tokyo too.