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UK, Harry Potter special – somewhere near Watford…and London

Skip this if you are not even slightly into Harry Potter but if you are here are some experiences I had at Warner Brothers – The Making of Harry Potter near Watford – an easy day trip for anyone in or visiting London (trains to Watford Junction and then 10 minutes on the HP bus for GBP3 to the Studio.)

I visited with my friend Christine who knows everything about the Harry Potter books, movies and memorabilia – she even has her morning alarm set to hear Stephen Fry reading from somewhere in the Harry Potter books (for the record I wake up to the Four Tops – baby I need your loving!).

Anyway this blog is especially for Christine and also Ella in Melbourne who I know is a huge fan and just has to visit this place.

On arrival you are greeted by newspaper cuttings and large signage so you know you are in the right place. Take three hours as your minimum for looking around – it is huge and fascinating. One guide told us she had been 28 times before becoming a guide and the first time she spend 7 hours here – and honestly that would be easy to do as there is so much to see and take in. This place is a homage to the movies and the creativity and love with which they were made over 10 years.

The external entrance area to the studios

The cupboard under the stairs and the original glasses worn by Daniel Radcliffe are on the shelf

Some of the HP movie posters

The Great Hall

Wands anyone? Christine has 32 – now 33 as she bought Draco Malfoy’s while we were there. Also set items from the Yule Ball

Potions Classroom, Dumbledore’s office, the cauldron and more

The Quidditch, Tom Riddle’s grave, the deathly hallows (I think?) and the fabulous Ford Anglia

Dobby, Hagrid, scary spiders, Prof Umbridge’s office

The train to Hogwarts and me making attempting to crash through Platform 93/4. The lovely purple Knight Bus.

Gringotts Bank in all its glory. I think JKR does not like banks – they are staffed by miserable goblins and then the bank is totally destroyed!

Some of the gruesome goblin latex faces

The treasure in the bank vaults and the total destruction of Gringotts

Diagon Alley – they looked for somewhere to use but decided they could only build something to match the imagination of this place as described in the books

The giant model of Hogwarts

An amazing day out and then followed the next day by a visit to MinaLima in Soho. An incredible four storey narrow building with everything Harry Potter but things like limited editions of book prints, spells, wallpaper etc. It is an amazing place to walk around whether you are a fan or not and it was doing a roaring trade too (Christine you helped with their takings on that day) – and there was not one child there – indeed hardly anyone under 40! Def worth a stop.

Christine outside MinaLima – a place I had to drag her out of as I wanted my lunch!