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Germany, Munich – Museum Madness part 1 plus a bit of beer

I have not only been drinking beer and checking out the locale while in Munich. In fact I was pleased to discover there are a lot of museums – most of them helpfully housed in one area with impressive collections of renaissance, modern and contemporary art in impressive buildings.

I will cover the group of three Pinakothek museums in this blog. The Alte was created by Ludwig 1 who was a big collector (of both German and other artists) and was then followed by the Neue (19th century) and then the Pinakothek Modern (20th century). Also getting a mention are the Treasury and the Cuvillies Theater – both are part of the Residenz that I saw on my second visit as it is all too big to do in one go.

The Alte Pinakothek.

I liked the somewhat lascivious young lady in blue and also the obviously smart lady in white and blue (she is reading Isaac Newton in the background). The one at top right is an unusually bright Botticelli and the one below one of the four great Murillo paintings in the collection.

Museums here are mostly visited by locals but none have been crowded – maybe everyone is drinking beer instead. That suited me fine as did the distinct lack of selfie sticks and the really good audio guides that come free with tickets.

The Neue Pinakothek

Van Gogh and Manet and Slevogt and Steiner. Love the look in the eye of the lady in white. All knowing!

Pinakothek Moderne – Warhol, Picasso, Schlemer and an interesting building.

The Treasury at the Residenz – no expense spared on these crowns!

The spectacular Cuvillies theater that used to be privately owned by the Wittelback dynasty.

Also very happy to have my friend Sue and then my friends Andrew and Sylvie over so that we could enjoy Munich together.