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Morocco, Rocking the Casbah in Tangier and Tetouan

Back to Morocco again brought back memories of my two week trip there three years ago with Tania but we never came to this part so new to me. Not as interesting as other parts but still good to be back.

Tangier has a walled casbah familiar from other parts of the country but always fun to wander around.

Once you get into the markets you can be assured of a riot of colourful stalls and street scenes.

Lunch in Tetouan was lamb and apricot Tajine – forgotten how delicious they are.

We visited synagogues in Tangier and Tetouan – all Sephardic given that many moved to Morocco from Spain during the inquisition and to this day a lot of Spanish is heard in Tangier. The street below was in the Jewish quarter and deliberately had six pointed arches to reflect the Star of David

And lastly a stop at a closed (it was Labour Day) school for students who learn the traditional arts such as leather engraving, intricate plaster carving, woodwork and copper work.