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Dunedin – a touch of Scotland in New Zealand and we experience “Steampunk” in Oamuru

I quite liked Dunedin. It is very Scottish – buildings look similar and there are a lot of churches – in fact we stayed at a great hotel called Brothers which is opposite the cathedral pictured and used to be the home of the Catholic brothers. No ghosts seen but rumour has it…..

It is not a very busy place – uni students were only just starting to come in for the start of the year – and as you can see the station is impressive but not very busy. Nevertheless, I liked the movement towards more street art and it did mean that en-route to our last lodge in Arthur’s Pass we got to see two very cool places.

Downtown Dunedin

First stop an hour outside of Dunedin was the Moeraki Boulders – at first they look much smaller than you expect them to be but as I wandered down the beach on a glorious day I became more and more enamoured of them. So here they are.

The Moeraki Boulders including what’s inside if you crack one open.

And finally we stopped at what we thought was the quaint little town of Oamuru – it seems idyllic and quiet but then you find it is the home of STEAMPUNK and you realised that not all towns in New Zealand are what they appear. For the uninitiated Steampunk is …. well an art form, a movement, something to do with using industrial products to make other things – all very weird, wonderful and decidedly quirky. A few tasters below – but I suggest you visit if you ever find yourself in this part of NZ – it is quite an eye opener 

Steampunk centre in Oamuru – not what we were expecting in the apparently sleepy town of Oamuru.

Last NZ post coming soon and then it is off to Tasmania.