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Spain, A day trip to Ronda, Andalucia

Ronda is about 90 minutes from Seville and is famous for its beautiful setting and bridge. The town has been inhabited by everyone who has invaded Spain – the Visigoths, the Moors, the French etc etc and like many places in Andalucia the main church was formerly a mosque, although virtually nothing remains to show that was the case.

First stop was the bullring – a tour only. Nowadays they only have one actual bull fight show a year – the battle between those who worry about cruelty to animals and those who think it is important to maintain old cultures rages on. Seating for a bull fight is great wherever you are – given they are round so the main difference in price is whether you sit in the shade or the sun.Summer temperatures can get to the low 40s so many choose to pay the extra 100 Euros to be in the shade. Love those outfits too and yes there are female picadors and matadors these days – they don’t wear dresses for the fight!

Then on to the famous terrace walk with the amazing view. Ronda is definitely a place you have to see in the sunshine as so much of its pleasure depends on the gasp-worthy views of the valleys below and the famous old bridge that takes you into the well preserved old town. I chose to have lunch outside the Parador for the view – it used to the the old Town Hall.

The photos above were taken from the wall you can see in the pictures below. It is a decent sized area that you are able to walk along. Best of all – amazing weather and much fewer tourists.

In the old town we visited the Bosco house where the retired priests used to get free room and board to live out their days. Typical Andalucia house with interior courtyard for air and shade. Bottom right is the town square and probably the prettiest part of it – the rest is sadly a bit tacky – Ronda is certainly all about looking out from the town not into it!