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Morocco, Marrakech – another lovely place to rest our heads- Riad La Sultana and another day to get lost in the largest souk in the country

Marrakech is yet another city full of tiny doors that hide so much from the public eye – whether it is a shop with three floors resembling an Aladdin’s cave or the many riads in the old medina. It is not the done thing to show off what you have – hence the unobtrusive exteriors hiding the sumptuous interiors. It certainly creates an element of surprise. Ours, like most roads, has a large roof deck where breakfast is served gazing over the rooftops  of Marrakech as the muezzin calls people to prayer. 

My Fenec (desert fox) suite at Riad La Sultana

A walk around the four interconnected houses that make up Riad La Sultana

You are never short of a shopping opportunity in the old souk