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The Caribbean – Trinidad and Tobago (my 103rd country); St Lucia and Barbados

Having left Brazil behind us we had a three day visit to some of the more southerly Caribbean islands.

Firstly Trinidad and Tobago – we visited Tobago which has suffered from prior hurricanes. It is not one of the more attractive islands in this part of the world but we enjoyed our glass bottomed boat trip and I liked the sun shining on the Ocean through the sargasso seaweed.

Then on to St Lucia – last time I visited was in the late 90s and I’ve always rather liked this island as it is very lush with an impressive rain forest area which has protected it from hurricane damage most of the time.

I took the 90 minute aerial tram ride above the forest and really enjoyed learning about the flora and fauna and trying to spot the local birds (pretty tiny!). And the views on the way down were excellent although I could have done without the zip liners squealing away nearby. Tram built by the Austrians in 2006 so felt safe.

A very pretty caterpillar that will apparently become a moth. The prettier the caterpillar the more likely it will be a moth and the more boring it is the more likely it will be a butterfly – so they say. Also managed to catch this hummingbird have feed.

Finally back to Barbados. Some friends from the ship – Peter, Richard and Lucinda and I drove (well Peter did) around the island so we could see the Atlantic and Caribbean sides as well as some of the interior. We ate lunch at The Tides in Holetown where I dined almost a year ago with my friend Beth – it’s still excellent. Thanks Peter and Richard for letting me gate crash your car rental.

Now embarking on a mega 7 day Atlantic crossing so lots of time to plan my forthcoming travels for the rest of the year and beyond …….

Canada, BC- I love Chemainus. Where is it? On Vancouver Island

I have finished a wonderful week with my great friend and fab host Marjory in Chemainus, Vancouver Island BC. The island which houses the capital of British Columbia (Victoria is situated there) is,  contrary to what a lot of people think, is a big island – slightly larger than Ireland I’m assured – but with a population of about half a million. So loads of room for everyone. 

A while back Chemainus decided to reinvent itself and one of the things they did was to create a town of murals – they are wonderful and it is a great way to spend an hour following the yellow footsteps through the older and new parts of town checking them out. See below for some samples.

Murals in Chemainus

The town itself is also cute and like many places in BC has its own marijuana shop on the High Street – all legal of course:). It is also home to a burgeoning wine industry in the Cowichan Valley.

The Cowichan valley and cannabis for sale in the corner shop

And not very far away in Cathedral Grove are some of the loveliest giant trees I’ve ever seen  – some are 800 years old – and fairy-like glades created when the sun filters through the tree.

Trees in Cathedral Grove, Vancouver Island

I will be back for sure……