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Kyoto, Japan – where the selfie is so prevalent that even monks do it and then there’s the “let’s play dress up” geishas…

I have realized why the word “selfish” and “selfies” are so similar – there are so many people walking around here – and it’s very crowded – with appendages permanently attached to them. I am feeling very grumpy about it – they are fine I suppose (and as I travel on my own quite often I have taken my fair share – but without the intrusive stick in other people’s eyes) – but I can’t see them going away. Another thing young girls like to do around here is get made up as a geisha and then spend the day hobbling around the city and -you guessed it – taking lots of pics with their selfies – evidence below. Even the monks and 3 year olds get in on the act!

Selfies and “fake” geishas