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Spain, a weekend in Seville

If you’ve ever contemplated a long weekend in Seville – and you absolutely should – here is what my friend Sue and I managed over the last three days. It was great.

First up – a walking tour of Hidden Seville – which involved heading into the old moorish quarter of the city. Once a no go zone and while still gritty become more gentrified as more tourists start to visit. A real community spirit here too with a lot of communal living and focus on music and the traditional arts.

Next stop was to go inside the architectural sculpture that is the Metropole Parasol. Controversial when it opened less than 10 years ago it is not a must see in Seville and it is different again once you are inside and walking around it. Definitely the architect was influenced by Gaudi.

An evening walk into Triana – over the bridge was next on the agenda. The walk involved tapas tasting in some tiny and authentic bars as well as a flamenco show (no pics allowed). Excellent evening.

Day 2 and the first stop was a tour of the Alcazar Palace and adjoining Gardens and for Sue the Cathedral too. The two most viewed buildings in Seville and for good reason. Try to book a timed ticket for early access to avoid crowds. Like many buildings in Andalucia all the artwork and design is mudeja- Muslim design and architecture including mosques which were subsequently taken over by the Catholics who rather than pulling them down (thank goodness) added a cross and bell tower above the minarets and a few coats of arms around the place – and then declared them Christian! Excellent decision in my view and great example of recycling and using skilled local artisans.

After an excellent Middle eastern meal, day 3 started with a tour of the bullring which has been around since 1760. This is a well used arena right by the Guadalquivir River which is used about 30 times a year for bull fights. The tour also includes access to a museum.

Then as the weather was so lovely – a walk though Maria Luisa Park to the Plaza Espana originally designed for the 1928 Ibero-American Expo and still in amazing condition. Each tiled alcove represents a different province in Spain and the key is to find one that matches what you are wearing and then take a photo!!

So for anyone wondering – yes it is worth coming over for a long weekend. Definitely.

Thanks Sue for making it extra fun

Spain, Seville – Two small museums housed in typical moorish style private houses and a final visit to Plaza Espana

Coming to the end of this trip so crammed in two more museums. First the Hospital de Vererables Sacerdotes in the Old Quarter. Quite a few Murillo pieces and a Velazquez in here but my favourite bit was the church that is part of the house as it would have been easy to not even know it was there as it was behind a large closed wooden door. Luckily I always push down doors!

Then to to Lebrija Palace which is another private house which is special because the countess who owned it was an avid collector of Roman mosaics and medieval tiles which she displayed very lavishly in the house. Pretty cool.

And then a visit to the Spanish Pavilion (Plaza Espana) building put up in 1929 for the Expo at that time. You can’t go inside but the outside is pretty splendid and right in the middle of the park. There are seating areas made from mosaics which cover every area of Spain. A good spot to stroll or relax with a book.