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Iceland, Reykjavik

Thanks to my friend Danielle who told me to sit on the right hand side of the plane whenever you come into Iceland. Views were spectacular.

I had a day and a half here. The town or Reykjavik is tiny but cute and colourful especially in summer when everyone is out and about enjoying the light nights. The white building bottom left is where the prime minister works. So unpretentious. Also like the simple main cathedral – very different from the ornate features in middle Europe I have been used to over the last few weeks!

Delicious degustation meal at Nostra restaurant downtown. This is just four of the six courses. All locally sourced ingredients. All delicious.

Needed an post dinner stroll after all that. The pics below were taken at 11pm so still pretty light. The galleon was visiting from Europe.

First stop on the Golden Circle tour was Pingvellir National Park which is stunning in whatever direction your turn.

Then on to the Golden Waterfall which was magnificent. No wonder they already make more electricity than they need from their hydro electricity – although luckily they left this place as nature intended.

Then on to the Secret Lagoon which is one of the very many natural warm spring swimming pools in Iceland (I was told that a town in Iceland is not really a town unless it has at least one natural swimming pool). Lying in the warm water and taking in the surrounding scenery is a national pastime in Iceland – summer or Winter. While the water was very warm the external temperature was only 15 degrees and those who know me know I would never get into any water unless the external temperature was nearer 30 degrees – so I declined to partake and just enjoyed the view.

The nice thing about all this free hot water is that this is how people heat their homes (underwater hot pipes that just tap into the geothermal springs) and things like showers and washing machines just auto fill with already hot water. So one of the few cheap things in Iceland is water and heating. Nothing else is remotely cheap though:)

I am heading off on a cruise covering a bit more of Iceland, Greenland and then Northern Canada and the US so will be blogging intermittently due to wifi limitations. Will catch up when I can though as I am hoping for some great scenery.