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Australia, Sydney – a week of catch ups, food and cruise ships viewings

A sunny day in Sydney (and it is not always sunny contrary to the myth) is hard to beat for jaw dropping views of two icons – the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House set amongst the twinkling waters of Sydney Harbour. And at this time of year it is a different cruise ship every day. I also revisited the Botanical Gardens – one of my favorites and discovered Barangaroo Reserve (thanks for the recommendation Trish) which is a piece of land preserve with indigenous plants slap bang in the middle to an area of Sydney which is being very built up – so great a bit of green is being retained.

Night time is always special too.

I visited my friends Vidya and Gana and was treated to home cooking at “Gana’s Kitchen” – just a few samples below of the many dishes we got to taste. Wonderful meal. Great company too which included my old mate from long ago – Doug.

Talking of friends it was marvelous to catch up with more friends and get some more home cooking (thanks Jane and John and Nigel) – some of them are below. Lovely to see you Mark and Liza, Trish, Christina, Catriona, Nigel, Joel, Lana and Christopher.

Austria, Vienna

In between visiting local spots around the city I have also enjoyed my time in Vienna – especially as I had never been before. It has been great staying with a local so that I can see it through her eyes and get to places I might not have visited otherwise. Even though there were a lot of people I did enjoy the Schönbrunn Palace

Vienna is full of impressive buildings so walking around the city and taking the open top bus tour – yes I have to admit I like those was a good way of seeing things like the Opera House, Hofburg Palace, Stephan Dome, Hotel Sacher and other well known spots. It is not uncommon to come across people playing classical music all over the city

The city also looks good at night