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My one year of living La Dolce Vita – a reflection

Thanks to many friends and colleagues who have been following my blog since December 2016 – it has been great to know how many of you look at it and I know it might make you envious but I hope it has also given you ideas for where you might holiday in future and that it also inspires you to do the things that really matter to you when you can. I worked for many years (38) without a break and for me one of the reasons to do that was to be able to do other things afterwards that I love – travel, art, museums, eating! So that’s exactly what I did.

Living La Dolce Vita (the sweet life) is an Italian phrase meaning living life to the fullest (usually in luxury!). I have been so lucky to spend the last year on some wonderful travels – both alone and with some fabulous friends and of course I have also been able to spend more time seeing Australia and New Zealand too which has been special too as they are amazing countries and I will miss this part of the world when I leave – although I will be back for visits for sure.

So some of you out there like data – well I visited the following countries in the last 12months – Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Mexico, Guatemala, Japan, Vietnam, Morocco, Malta, Spain, Italy, Vatican City (!), UAE and Oman. And no, there was no particular logic about why those places – just things I wanted to see and do and people I wanted to meet up with.

While I enjoy traveling solo it is also fantastic to share places with friends so thanks to those who either traveled with me or put me up when I was traveling – Marjory and Karen (who did both), Tania, Emma, Beth, Sue, Sylvie, Andrew, Lisa, Daphne, Mark, Trudy, Alan, Sabrina and Lorna.

Some of you will want to know my favourite place – agh , I hate being asked that question but maybe I can pick my “wow” highlights instead. They would be Japan, Rome, Morocco and Venice – and I expect I chose those because I had either never been or only briefly been to those locations before.

And for those who know I want to join the 100 Club – I am up to 89 of the countries they list (seems I had to abandon Scotland, Ireland and Wales!) – although I am counting it as 90 asI include places I visited in the past that don’t exist in the same way anymore – my addition is Yugoslavia.

And have I finished traveling for a while. Get out of here. Of course not. Will enjoy last couple of months in Melbourne being a tourist. And then I am going to travel some more (including some new countries) with just my belongings – staying with friends in Asia and the US first and renting apartments in various locations in Europe after that so I can explore with more time. I will keep up the blog and continue to post on Twitter (@susiebabani) which is probably the best way to follow me in the long term as well as LinkedIn and of course on this blog if you want to access direct.

For my reading buddies, I will be updating the “Books I’ve read” post in the next few days.

Some last memories below and thanks for watching. Keep the likes coming – they are always appreciated.


Arriving in Venice