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Germany, Munich – Museum Madness part 2

And now for the very new and the extremely old. Lebanbachaus has a varied collection of contemporary art with some artists more well known to me than others.

I was bowled over the the Glypothotek which was started by Ludwig 1 as he liked collecting old things. Not only is the collection of Greek statues superb it is also housed in a brilliantly designed and lit environment. Biggest positive surprise of all the museums I visited in Munich.Stunning works.

More from the Glyothotek. I love the funerary mast of the young man below. It almost looks like a photograph and I thought the drunk old woman was excellent too.

Then on to the Stadt Museum and the Judisches museum. The former was ok with some interesting thoughts on what makes Munich Munich; the latter was small and next to the new modern synagogue that I couldn’t get access to. It was mostly about Jewish customs but also had an exhibit by a Jewish artist with a whole variety of cartoons many of which I found amusing as they show how similar we all are in the end.

Finally a visit to the Museum Brandhorst – another contemporary art museum whose collection was quite challenging in a not very endearing way except for the fabulous giant Cy Twombly exhibits which I totally fell in love with.