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Portugal – Fatima, Nazaré, Batalha, Óbidos

Great day trip to all of the above. Starting with the very modern shrine in Fatima built when three children claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary and then believed more later on by what appears to have been a total eclipse. The original chapel is tiny so they have built a massive church and shrine in modern style to cater for all the visitors who come to pray or do a penance. I found people walking on their knees from one end to the other a bit confronting but I did like the modern styluses Jesus on the Cross.

Then on to the monastery in Nazare – much of which is similar in design the the manueline approach used at St Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon.

Next stop was lunch at the pretty seaside town of Batalha – lovely coastline and those ladies have been wearing layers and layers of skirts and knee high socks for centuries!

Finally to the medieval town of Obidos where Ginghja – the sour cherry liqueur was originally invented – so another excuse to drink some more of it. Also a pretty impressive old 9 (although not Roman old!) aqueduct.