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UK, London – Selfridges, Greenwich, British Museum, Mary Quant and Tim Walker at the V and A, Sky Garden, the rainy City of London

It’s been a busy few days with catch ups with old friends and lots more to see and do in London.

First stop was coffee with Fiona at the wonderful new Brasserie of Light – Selfridges are always reinventing themselves and much of the ground and basement floors have also been re-done – they seem to have no Brexit worries:)

Selfridges and the Brasserie of Light – even the toilets are fab!

Then I met with Sue at the Sky Garden followed by lunch at Searcy’s in the Gherkin. As usual it was rainy but somehow the City of London always looks good in the rain (just as well considering London weather) and I love that the Sky Garden is free and a public space (but you do need to book tickets online in advance).

Sue in the Sky Garden

City of London from on high

After lunch Sue and I headed off to the Victoria and Albert Museum to see the Tim Walker exhibit with a stop at the Mary Quant homage.

Quant items of fashion plus having her hair cut by Vidal Sassoon and a couple of PVC raincoats – so trendy

Tim Walker is a unique photographer – especially famous for fashion and celebrity photos and his bright colours. For part of this exhibit he also took inspiration from some pieces in the museum and then did his own thing – the exhibition is called Wonderful Things. Well worth a visit.

Tim Walker likes to colour in his animals and he is very partial to flowers

Tim Walker photographs Grayson Perry and Beth Ditto in his own unique way letting them be equally as unique

Humans and hollyhocks combine seamlessly and Tilda Swindon looks amazing

Some friends of mine – John and Jenny – told me about “Britain’s Sistine Chapel” in Greenwich. I was a bit stunned as I had never heard of the Painted Hall which has recently been restored and reopened. Here is what greets you as you walk in:

This building which is part of the Royal Naval college in Greenwich is awesome and the paintings mostly by John Thornhill are a fascinating display of Britain’s naval strength, the science of the day and the security of the monarchy following the Act of Succession ensuring no more arguments about Catholic or Protestant monarchs! A lot of these buildings within the Royal Naval college buildings were built to house and take care of retired seaman who had served their country in their youth.

External vies of the Naval College buildings at Greenwich – a few are now parts of a classical musical school and you can hear lots of practising going on as you wander about – these are people who know how to play!

Some ceiling scenes including William and Mary and King George 1 plus the British naval might

Finally an excellent three hour walking tour run by Context Travel – an organisation whose tour guides are often art historians and who aim their tours to small groups (we had just four) who want to learn stuff. This is just my kind of thing and as they are in other cities too I am sure I will be using them again. This program was called Crash Course British Museum and gave a really good walk through a themed approach to some of the 8 million artifacts held by the BM!

The grandeur of the British Museum and the infamous Elgin Margins from the Parthenon!

The Old Library and the Grecian style classic statue of a man throwing a discus

And to sign off my favourite quote of the last week from C S Lewis (of Chronicles of Narnia fame) and seen at the Tim Walker exhibit