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Greenland – iceberg chasing, Hvalsey Norse ruins by zodiac and Qaqortoq

Greenlandic is not an easy language to write let alone speak.

This was my first time on one of Seabourn’s zodiacs for a one hour journey to a remote island to visit some Norse ruins. Even though it is August it is quite chilly especially if on open water so the first challenge of using the zodiacs is the delightful get up – basically a step inside one piece under which you wear every piece of clothing you own and over which you wear a heavy life vest with heavy duty carbon containers should you hit the water. A definite Michelin man effect as you can see.

Once in the zodiac though the fun begins with the first order of the day being to chase icebergs and if you are lucky to find the sun shining on them! We were lucky.

This is what being on a zodiac is like. Large ones take 14 and the small ones 8.

Then onto the very remote island to check out the Norse ruins and learn what they know about the people who lives here. Most males were Vikings from Norway etc while many females were Irish/Scottish – slaves who had been addicted en route to Iceland and Greenland.

In the afternoon I took the tender to the town of Qaqortoq. So many pretty coloured houses – think I will be seeing a lot more of those on this trip.