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Greenland, Parmiut and Nuuk

As we head north into the Arctic circle we are stopping off at various points along the way.

Parmiut is a tiny town with a lovely Danish designed church (Greenland is autonomous but is also part of the Danish realm and receives a lot of financial support from them) and a great museum about life in Greenland and the locals were happy to chat about their history and lifestyle.

Then on to Nuuk – the capital of Greenland with a population of 17000 which is growing rapidly as more people move there from the remote towns – so lots of construction going on there. Some more attractive than others. We were lucky to have a sunny and warmish day so I took the opportunity to walk all around the town. Another cool church -and the “mother of the sea “statue which becomes totally submerged when the tide is in. The yellow and White House is the main meeting hall where important events are held.

Saw this lovely husky on a walk and also the not so lovely whale meat at the fish market! Below right – is the wabi sabi style cultural centre.

After walking round the town I took a yellow water taxi tour through the fjords in search of icebergs and waterfalls. I was not disappointed. Spectacular