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Spain, Seville – Two small museums housed in typical moorish style private houses and a final visit to Plaza Espana

Coming to the end of this trip so crammed in two more museums. First the Hospital de Vererables Sacerdotes in the Old Quarter. Quite a few Murillo pieces and a Velazquez in here but my favourite bit was the church that is part of the house as it would have been easy to not even know it was there as it was behind a large closed wooden door. Luckily I always push down doors!

Then to to Lebrija Palace which is another private house which is special because the countess who owned it was an avid collector of Roman mosaics and medieval tiles which she displayed very lavishly in the house. Pretty cool.

And then a visit to the Spanish Pavilion (Plaza Espana) building put up in 1929 for the Expo at that time. You can’t go inside but the outside is pretty splendid and right in the middle of the park. There are seating areas made from mosaics which cover every area of Spain. A good spot to stroll or relax with a book.