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Austria, Wachau Region – Wine tasting and chilling in Spitz and Durnstein

It is not widely appreciated but Austria produces some very nice wines – and in the Wachau Region – which is less than an hour from downtown Vienna – they specialize in Grüner Veltleiner – which I have certainly developed a taste for since I arrived in Austria a week ago. Just before I left Australia I was they were producing local grüner veltleiner in Victoria so it is deservedly getting more popular.

Klaudia’s friend Burgi kindly drove us down (but as an alternative we could have got a boat down the Danube too) and we had a lovely overnight stay in a lovely hotel (the Wein Spitz) in a tiny village called Spitz and inbetween drinking wine in heurigens (kind of a smaller wine garden equivalent of a beer garden and found all over the place in these parts of Austria) we visited the small town of Dürnstein which once hosted (actually put in goal) Richard III of England – also known as Richard The Lionheart to his buddies – apparently he didn’t want to pay the local taxes!

We all had a fun and relaxing time as this area is so peaceful and pretty.